It all started in Autumn 2005 when we purchased the farmhouse and adjacent farm buildings and 7 acres of land.  The farmhouse was a little rundown and in April of 2006 we started the house renovation and finished at the end September just in time as our daughter Daisie was born at the end of October.


The land we bought in 2005 had not been looked after so we had to get this into good condition and got our farmer friend work the land and got grass seed sown and a local man fenced this off making it secure for animals to graze.


The adjacent farm buildings were also a little run down when we purchased them and we are continuing to upgrade them.

Then in the autumn of 2010 we purchased 2 areas of adjacent land which now takes us up to around 75 acres which is a mixture of grazing and crops.


In 2010 we started a breeding program with our Soay sheep and are continuing this every year.


In 2011 we started a breeding program with pedigree Belted Galloway cattle and are continuing to do so.


In 2012 we have started breeding Mangalitza Pigs with great success!


Also, in 2012 / 2013 we started breeding Boer goats and now have 2 breeding lines and we have great demand for these and will be increasing our breeding stock year in year out.