Belted Galloway Cattle


A popular belief is that of the crossing of the Ancient Galloway and the Dutch Belted cow the Lakenvelder in the 17th – 18th centuries.


The Belted Galloway come in 3 different main colours black, red and dun and has a complete white belt all the way round.


The Belted Galloway is a very hardy breed and tends to look after itself year in year out with the ability to calf on their own and are quite resilient to disease. They can live outside all year round due to the thick double coat they have which stops the rain, snow and the winds from bothering them.


Our cattle eat good grass and clover from our fields and are to be fed hay and silage over the winter and will have the option to go inside one of our sheds to get away from bad weather.


We have a belted galloway breeding herd which consists of a red & white stock bull and 11 black & white breeding cows.


We have sold 3 heifer calves and are off to the Isle of Lewis.


4 Belted Galloway females are due to calf around August 2013 with Rusty our Red Belted Galloway Bull the father and this will be his first offspring.


We have taken stock of Black Dexter’s, 1 cow & 1 heifer also a Simmintal X Beltie heifer which we will be crossing with our Belted Galloway Bull Rusty and look forward to calves being born next summer.


We have a Limousin  X heifer calf  which will be available to buy near the end of the year.