Soay Sheep originate from the Islands of St Kilda. These sheep are said to be survivors from the earliest domestic sheep that spread through Europe in the Bronze Age reaching Britain’s remotest islands between 3 and 4 thousand years ago.

They are small in size and relate to both wild and earliest domestic sheep which resemble the European Mouflon.


There are 3 colourations of the Soay which have here on the farm.

Dark wild – Dark brown with a light brown belly.

Light wild – Light brown all over.

Multi Coloured – Dark and light brown with white.


Soay sheep are very hardy breed and tend to look after them selves year in year out and are resilient to disease, foot rot and fly strike are rarely seen.

shed their fleece every year and they lamb on their own around April time and are very good mothers and are more than capable of looking after twins.


We have lamb rams, ewes and castrates for sale, contact us for details.


We sell meat from our farm, Costcutters in Methlick and Food for Thought in Newdeer also Huntly Farmers Market and Fraserburghs Super Saturdays.


If you would like half or whole carcass please contact us with your requirements.